Aluminum & Glass Industries Recruitment

Aluminium and Glass Recruitment ServicesThere are many organizations all over the world specifically in Asian countries that produce a large amount of aluminum and glass. For the abundant production, the organization needs a huge man power.

One of the common challenges faced by almost every organization is to fit in the right person at the right position. Many multi-national as well as domestic companies simply wait for the talent to come to them.

AJEETS is one of the most efficient agencies which provide an opportunity to the youth to be a part of MNC’s and other companies all across the world. Our organization has done the aluminum and glass sector recruitments to the international clientele which includes Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and other Middle East countries. Most of our recruits were settled in the most efficient positions like plant manager, plant engineers, product manager, tolls and equipment operator and so on.

Here are the hottest job openings with us in the Aluminum & Glass Recruitment;
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Worker
  • Plant Reliability Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Auto Glass Technician
  • Strategic Business Analyst
  • Site Supervisor Equipment Operator
  • Territory Manager
  • Business Leader

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