automotive-engineering-recruitmentThe automotive sector is currently passing through a booming phase across the world. As a result, a large number of cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles are being introduced into the market at regular intervals. This has led to a great demand for skilled and unskilled manpower in the field of automotive engineering. We, at AJEETS, have the expertise and experience in automotive engineering recruitment and can help our clients in hiring the best talent for all positions, ranging from design and development to production and assembly.

Requirements for Automotive Engineering Sector
  • Superior mathematical and information technology skills
  • Data analysis and interpretation capability
  • Mechanical and technical competency
  • A creative approach to solve problems
  • Keeping updated with the latest technology

Various Positions Available in Automotive Engineering Sector

  • Design engineer
  • Regional business manager
  • Materials lab technician
  • Research engineer
  • Functional safety engineer
  • Technical clerk
  • Durability project engineer
  • Systems architecture engineer
  • Vehicle test operations manager
  • Regional business manager
  • Total vehicle evaluation engineer

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