Cruise Liner Recruitment

Cruise Liner RecruitmentCruise Liner Recruitment covers a wide range of services within to accommodate a huge number of resources. Hotel chains, spas, boutiques and plenty of other related industries are woven together with the cruise liner industry. We at AJEETS are successfully offering a large number of candidates across all the job positions available within a cruise line.

Middle East & Gulf are the hottest places for recruiting Cruise Liner resources for their public and private cruise companies. AJEETS is rendering a stable pool of employees to the various overseas recruiters seeking highly experienced manpower for their business ventures that cater to the cruise lines.

Candidates from South Asia, usually Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, India & Philippines are the favorites for the overseas employers. AJEETS being the international Recruitment Agency in Cruise Liner has won accolades in supplying the most efficient resources to the clients.

Cruise Liner is one of the lucrative segments that recruits resources for
  • Shore Excursion 
  • Entertainment 
  • Casino 
  • Child Care 
  • Medical 
  • Sport & Fitness 
  • Spa & Beauty 
  • Management 
  • Food & Beverages 
  • Deck & Engine 
  • Information Technology
  • Office 

The job positions vary from company to company and we make sure to do proper background on both parts, so that there is nothing suspicious to let the employers or job seekers deter from each other.

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