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Engineering Recruitment ServicesMeeting the industry demands is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially the Engineering Recruitment sector is a very sensitive one to start with. When companies from the Gulf & Middle East are interested to recruit engineers from Bangladesh, India,Kenya ,Philippines and Nepal; there is hardly any obstacle that refrain you from getting a place in your dream company.

We at AJEETS offer employers and job seekers in Engineering Recruitment to maximize their scope by getting in touch with us. Manufacturing, Electrical, Instrumentation, Information Technology, Civil and other fields of Engineering are imbibed together to create a large pool of engineering recruitment workforce that would flexibly meet our clients’ business needs.

Following are the most sought after Engineering Sectors with our leading clientele from the Middle East & Gulf recruiting Engineers from all their niche fields;

Our Engineering Recruitment Sectors

  • Airports 
  • Highways 
  • Bridges & tunnels 
  • Dams & reservoirs 
  • Ports & Harbors 
  • Rail infrastructure 
  • Underground services
  • Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas
  • Hospitals 
Speaking about the engineering streams here are;

  • Design engineer 
  • Solid Modeler 
  • CAD/CAM Engineer 
  • CNC Programmer 
  • Graphic Designer
  • Turners
  • Tool Designer
  • Drill Operator 
  • Parametric Modeler 
  • Welder 
  • Lathe Operator 

They carry out their roles pretty well, to reach the employers expectations and enhance the business value with time.

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