Finance and banking recruitment

A strong financial and banking system is among the major indicators of a healthy economy. With rapid growth and development being witnessed in every sector, there is the necessity to inject more and funds to sustain the progress. As a result, the role of banks and financial institutions has become more significant. While many new banks and financial institutions are being set up, the existing ones are expanding their business rapidly, thereby generating abundant finance and banking jobs.

AJEETS is a highly experienced recruitment and placement service provider to the finance and banking sector. We provide high quality and prompt human resource solutions to lots of employers in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan ,Kenya,Nepal, Philippines and the Middle East countries. Thanks to our extensive database of promising jobseekers, we can readily fill all types of vacancies available in corporate commercial banks, investment banks and rating agencies.

Requirements for Finance & Banking Sector

• In-depth knowledge of the economy, rules and regulations, financial structures
• Excellent intellectual, analytical and organizational skills
• Excellent communication and relationship management skills
• Complete understanding of the latest technologies in place
• Possessing a global outlook to work anywhere in the world

Various Positions Available in Finance & Banking Sector

• Mutual funds sales manager • Clerks
• Investment advisor • Cashiers
• Institutional head • Auditors
• Accountants • Corporate head
• Charted accountants and many more. • Retail head


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