Marine and Offshore DrillingShipping & Offshore Drilling Recruitment has its own place in the industry; even it is bit different from the mainstream jobs. Now more people are keen to work with shipping and offshore drilling companies for a better pay and that extra touch of adventure in their lives. AJEETS is such a reliable shipping & offshore drilling recruitment agency that helps the job-seeker get in touch with their dream company, within the same niche.

There are set of Jack up rigs, Drill Ships and Semi-submersible drilling rigs, where plenty of positions are open for jobseekers. Underwater oil & gas mining and other maritime jobs are a part of this sector, where the Middle East & Gulf clients absorb the deserving candidates for their in-house operations.

The most popular jobs with the shipping & offshore drilling recruiting companies are;
  • Drillers
  • Electrician
  • IT
  • Captains of Ship 
  • Marine Automation Service Engineers
  • Design
  • Riggers 
  • Piping Draftsman 
  • Tool pushers or Drilling Operation manager 
  • Marine Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Medical 
  • Equipment Operator
  • Crew members 

Apart from the above positions international clients from Gulf & Middle East are offered with eligible candidates from the shipping & offshore drilling and the candidates are usually from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Philippines. With AJEETS there is nothing to look back; you get the best out of the recruitment process.

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