Petrochemical And Refinery Recruitment

If there is any industry that plays a prominent role in the continuous running of several industries, it has to be petrochemical and refinery that invariably supplies fuel and energy in various forms to a host of sectors. In view of the enormous significance of this industry, it is imperative that the best-quality manpower becomes a part of it for sustained production and supply so as to meet the huge demand across the world.

We’ve a large number of potential candidates of all skill and experience levels in our database. Belonging to India, Pakistan ,Kenya , Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Philippines, all these candidates are evaluated on the basis of stringent parameters during our multiple interview rounds. That’s why we’re the leading recruitment partner of choice for many petrochemical and refinery companies in the Middle East.

Requirements for Petrochemical & Refinery Sector

• Excellent technical capabilities
• Complete command over the field of specialization
• Top level of professional, innovative and analytical approach
• Ability and willingness to work in all geographic areas and weather conditions
• Updated knowledge of the latest happenings in the industry

Various Positions Available in Petrochemical & Refinery Sector

• Operations manager • Mechanical engineer
• Pipeline Manager • Safety engineer
• Maintenance manager • Environmental engineer
• Project controller • Chemical engineer
• Process technologist and many more.   

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