Security Service Recruitment

Security Service RecruitmentSecurity Service Recruitment is an integral part for every place you inhabit. Either the corporate building you work in or your residential complex, without the security personnel it’s tough to think of a peaceful leaving. We understand what you value in life and hence offer the most feasible solutions for overseas security service recruitment in the Gulf & Middle East region.

Candidates interested to work in the above region from India, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Nepal,Kenya and Philippines are welcome to get in touch with us and get their resumes processed for the respective job position. We screen the prospective employees and verify the credentials of Gulf based employers in the security service industry, so that there are no loopholes, to hurt either of them.

The increasing demand of security service also put some light in the field of Security Service Recruitment. AJEETS has done much recruitment in the countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. Getting a young and dynamic candidate in this sector is very important.

Our agency is one of them which produces such talent. Through our Security Service Recruitment Agency facility we absorb the following positions for our international clientele; 
  • Watchmen
  • Armed/Un-armed guards
  • Security Supervisor 
  • Security personnel
  • Watchman 
  • Fire safty & Security
  • Security Manager
  • Security Control Room Manager
  • Airport security guard
  • ATM (automatic teller machine) guard
  • Floor man, retail store;
  • Hand luggage inspector
  • Plant guard
  • Theft prevention officer
  • Supervisor, private investigators
  • Shopping investigator – security
  • Security specialist (except computer systems)

As we see the scope in the Security Service Recruitmentour agency gives priority in providing a career to the qualified and eligible candidates either inside or outside the country.

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