Steel Sector recruitment

Steel Sector RecruitmentIf the steel Sector recruitment is taken into account then this will be the most valuable recruitment sector till date which is expanding rapidly with its heavy profit potential.

AJEETS has done much recruitment in the countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh,Kenya, and India. Providing or hiring the perfect resources in the steel industry is bit tough but it is worthy in terms of returns. Finding an efficient and successful manpower recruiting consultancy agency will resolve the handicaps of the steel companies in the foreign countries. Our agency is one of them which have recruited many youths in the MNC’s and other companies all across the globe.
Our organization has done the Steel sector recruitments not only in Asian countries but also across the globe which is of great significance.

Most of our recruits were settled in the following positions:

  • Plant Manager
  • Plant Supervisor
  • Tools and Equipment operator
  • Plant Engineers
  • Tools Supervisor
  • Workers
  • Work Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Works Manager
  • Product Modifier

As we have already recognized the value and potential of the steel sector, our sole aim is to do more and more steel sector recruitment which will boost the steel production as result of self development as well as companies

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