structural-steel-plate-fabricationThe use of structural steel in the industrial and commercial building construction is on the rise since the material has high strength, toughness, ductile and stiffness properties as well as superior constructability. There are numerous factories coming up in different parts of the world for structural steel and plate fabrication, leading to a wide range of lucrative managerial and technical job openings. AJEETS serves quite a few employers in this sector, located both in India and outside. We can give jobseekers the best career opportunity in the structural steel and plate fabrication industry.

Requirement of Skills for This Sector
  • Specialization in at least one or multiple processes
  • Knowledge of computers and other advanced equipment
  • Excellent planning, supervisory and problem-solving skills for managers
  • Good understanding of the structural steel industry

Positions Available in This Sector
  • Assemblers and fabricators
  • Industrial machinery mechanics
  • Engineers
  • Inspectors and testers
  • Maintenance workers
  • Machine operators
  • Project managers

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